The Nentir Chronicles

Session 2

Salvana stands at the edge of the table and begins handing out bills for your stay at the Wrafton Inn. Immediately Anton gives her a quizzical look saying,“I’m sorry, but I thought our room and board were covered by Lord Padraig.”

Shrugging her shoulders Salvana replies, “I’m sorry, I’m wasn’t aware of such an arrangement, but you can certainly take that up with him the next time you see him.” And without anything further she returns to the bar, picking up empty plates and tankards along the way. Bill

After settling the bill, several from the party decide to turn in for the night, knowing that they’d be setting out early for their next adventure. The rest stick around presumably to partake in some diversions. The sounds of dice rolling on a wooden table and the shouts of laughter and frustration can be heard throughout the common room.

A man approaches Dvaark, Anton and Vicks at their table, and having overheard the commotion over the bill says, “So you’re a little light on coin, eh? Why don’t you join us for a friendly game of Twenty-Bone…” and trailing off he turns back and sits at a nearby table. Seated in one of the chairs is a large dragonborn… a mercenary by the looks of it.

The trio agree to join the game. They learn that it is a beat-the-bank game played with 20-sided “bones”. It originated in gaming dens in the back alleys of the Nerathian empire centuries ago.

During each round, you can buy any number of “bones” you want, as long as you have the coin for it. The standard peasant’s-wage cost for a “bone” is a copper piece, though you can if you wish spend a silver or gold piece for a single “bone”. When all have been purchased, everyone playing rolls their dice. Then the house rolls a die. Every player die that beats the house die gets paid off with two coins for every one coin it was bought for. For the player, a 1 always loses, and a 20 always wins.

After several rounds, the players begin to get a bit suspicious of the dealer and Vicks manages to detect some enchantment on the dice – he’s cheating. A few moments later the dragonborn flips the table on end and yells,“You lying cheat, you’ll pay up now for the money you’ve taken.”

Apparently the dealer had some accomplices and they then emerge from the corners of the Inn and rush to the dealer’s aid. Fists are thrown, weapons brandished and glasses go flying. Salvana hides behind the bar and the rest of the patrons take cover as best they can. Hearing the commotion, Lainu and Brandis come running to the scene… apparently downstairs taking in a private drink before retiring for the evening. Without too much trouble, the party manages to subdue the brigands and they flee the Inn – unfortunately the dealer was quick enough to take the coin purse. Thankful not to have been injured the group heads back to their rooms, albeit angry for having been played for fools.

The next morning the party had decided that they would split up in order to cover more ground. They felt confident that given their numbers they would be able to successfully manage whatever met them along the way. Torrin, Vicks, and Rolen had chosen to investigate the dragon burial site and early that morning struck out on the road.

After traveling just a short distance, and barely out of sight of the village, the party sees a wagon up ahead with a broken wheel and axle. As they near, they observe a couple of kobolds jumping out from the rocks in an apparent ambush on the hapless travelers. The adventurers act quickly seeking to avert any innocent bloodshed this day. Torrin unleashes a thunderous battle cry and charges forward with his weapon raised. The distraction works as the kobold’s attention is immediately drawn away from the disabled wagon. This then gives Rolen the opportunity to sneak away to check on its occupants.

As Rolen approaches the wagon, he hears strange mumbling coming from inside. Then suddenly out jumps a kobold with what looks like a small dragon skull atop his head and a crooked bone staff in his right hand. Rolen quickly surmises it a ruse, as another kobold, this one grasping a sling, jumps out the other side. The wyrmpriest finishes his incantation and the adventurers notice the other kobolds seem invigorated and strengthened as evidenced by their emboldened voices and strong attacks. The adventurers quickly become overwhelmed.

Before the party is able to react, the priest begins conjuring elemental orbs – throwing them at whomever he feels poses the greatest threat. Torrin keeps the two skirmishers at bay with Vicks help and Rolen falls back to the cover of the forest – hoping to show off his prowess with the longbow. Just then two arrows fly out from the forest’s treeline on the other side of the road and strike the priest in his raised arm. A look of shocked disbelief comes over the priest as he tries to determine the arrows source. As if somehow coordinated, Rolen now too looses two arrows with deadly accuracy at the kobold slinger dropping him to the ground. Torrin, bolstered by the sight lands a deadly strike on one of the kobolds.

Meanwhile, as the wyrmpriest thrashes about looking for the hidden enemy, a short, dark-skinned halfling emerges swiftly from the treeline and looses a deadly arrow. It sails like a bullet through the air and in an instant finds its target – straight into the priest’s chest. The wyrmpriest slumps over the wagaon’s side and falls to the ground. Torrin easily finishes off the last kobold and joins the rest of the party as they rush to the wagon.

Now noticing a figure retreating back into the woods, Rolen shouts out and Torrin turns around ready for battle – thinking it another cowardly kobold fleeing the scene. Instead the smallish figure turns to face Torrin with her bow pulled out and two arrows readied and shouts,“Don’t come any closer if you value your life!” Vicks steps forward and mutters something to Torrin in draconic that causes Torrin to take a step back and lower his weapon. Vicks introduces himself and the others and thanks the now obvious halfling for saving them from the kobold ambush. She lowers her bow a bit and introduces herself to the party as Rosa Lee and asks them what they are doing out on the road. Vicks explains about the dragon burial site and how they are searching for Douven Staul. Vicks then offers a share of the reward if she would come along to help them. Rosa Lee accepts – thinking to herself that based on what she saw, the adventurers will need all the help they can get from someone as knowledgeable and skilled as she.

The group then heads off to the burial site where they find a couple of human rabble digging around. As they get closer a gnome approaches with a pet drake at his side. The party advances and the gnome motions for them to stop. Vicks explains to the gnome that they are searching for Douven Staul and that his wife is worried about him. The gnome smiles and explains that he was hired by Douven Staul to oversee the dig and that Douven is in a tent on the other side of the site. As they follow the gnome, the diggers look up shiftily at them every once in a while. As they near the tent, the gnome stops and signals to the diggers who grab their shovels and surrounded the party.

Vicks quick thinking and diplomacy payed off in stopping the attack and he was able to get the gnome to agree to release Douven and let everyone go if the gnome got to keep the treasure. Right as Vicks was about to agree to this Torrin realized he could take this small group of diggers easily and charged into battle. A quick bloody battle ensued with the party emerging victorious and with the bloodied captured gnome, Torrin used his intimidating presence to get information from the gnome and they found out about some dark priests near the keep in the north that hired the gnome to retrieve an artifact from the burial site (which the adventures found out is a mirror with no obvious magical use). The adventurers took the box (with the mirror inside) and Douven Staul (who was tied up in the tent) and headed off towards the Kobold lair to reunite with the rest of the party.

They arrived just in time to assist Dvaark, Anton, Lainu and Brandis as they battled Iron Tooth and his kobold minions. In the end, he was no match for such a formidable group of adventures and fell in no time. The group left none alive and to make sure they were compensated properly took the head of the leader to prove their exploits were true.



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