The Nentir Chronicles

Session 3

After defeating the goblin guards at the entrance to the Keep (with Anton safely avoiding being eaten by rats despite falling into a concealed pit) the party decides to split up to try and clear out its inhabitants faster. The party has the bright idea to throw the limp goblin bodies into the pit but are slightly sickened by the sound of ravaging rats consuming all evidence of their recent intrusion. Torrin Redwing leads the way to the east with Lainu, Brandis, and Rolen close behind. While Dvaark, Anton, Garek, Rhya, and Vicks continue south.

Torrin’s party heads down a narrow hallway, they stop when they hear voices from a well lit room ahead. Taking a minute to perform a ritual, Lainu is able to understand the voice which belongs to a couple of goblins that are bickering over not finding any treasure. She then takes a peek around the corner to see a massive room with raised platforms that came up out of what look like a dig site and are connected by what look like wobbly wooden planks. Seeing the goblins in the far corner of the room digging, Lainu creates a sound of a shovel striking treasure which immediately causes the goblins to rush to it and start bickering with each other. Rolen takes advantage of this distraction and releases a quick volley of arrows at the goblins. A quick combat ensues with vials of alchemist’s fire being thrown at the party engulfing them in flames. But the party prevails, capturing one of the goblins and put him on a leash to help guide them through the keep.

Meanwhile, the burly half-orc Dvaark and his fellow adventurers find a door heading north and all agree to enter without delay. Upon opening the door, a set of discolored stairs leads down into cold darkness. An overpowering odor of damp rot fills the air. Immediately the party lights a few torches and they cautiously creep forward, seeing only darkened walls and large stones paving the floor. The eerie quietness of the area puts the group on edge as they venture further into the chamber. Anton and Vicks decide to scout out ahead and unfortunately a misplaced step triggers a ward on one of the stones. Terror runeAn ear piercing ghostly scream emanates from the stone floor and immediately the party disperses in terror. They bump into one another and scatter throughout the meandering chamber only to trigger more hidden wards taking some sort of necrotic damage in the process. Eventually they run south and are attacked by hordes of shambling zombies. The zombies seam to fall easily enough although more continue to come, presumably drawn to their location by the ghostly screams they triggered. Eventually, the last zombie falls and the group manages to recover their wits and calms their terror stricken minds ready to press on further ahead to the south through what looks to be a dimly lit room.

Back again with Torrin the Dragonborn, the group leaves the room and heads south down a dark corridor with the hesitant goblin in tow. It is pitch black at the end of the hall so they create some light (torches, lanterns, and magical orbs of light). This looks like a natural cave, with large clusters of stalagmites around the floor and the ceiling is covered in stalactites that are dripping water on the floor. The party notices lots of little insects crawling all over the floor and shadows and skittering sounds just beyond the edges of their lights. Staying close together, the party slowly navigates the cavern with no incidents until they come to a large pile of gnawed bones in one corner. Brandis goes to look through the pile to see if there is anything of value. As he is looking, a couple of giant rats leap at him to take advantage of his distraction. A couple more rats seem to come out of nowhere from the ceiling and the party quickly exterminates them. Feeling a little more on edge, the party continues to explore the cave and finds an open chamber that seemed moister than the rest of the cave. The party sends the goblin in to look around and when he reaches the far corner, a massive ooze drops from the ceiling and devours it and then melts back into the wall and ceiling. Lainu creates a ghost image where the goblin was and there was no response. Thinking it safe, the party walks in to look for treasure when the ooze attacks again. After a couple seconds, a swarm of rats rushes in thinking they would find an easy meal of ooze leftovers, feeling overwhelmed, the party attacks quickly and is barely able to defeat all the rats but eventually destroys the ooze.

While Torrin, Lainu, Brandis, and Rolen are embroiled in battle with nasty vermin critters, Vicks and the rest of the group head south into a dimly lit room. As they enter, they can just make out that ten massive stone sarcophagi, five on each wall, line what appears to be a crypt. The sarcophagi area granite and contain relief images of human warriors in plate armor. Indecipherable draconic script adorns each sarcophagus and muffled clicks and scratching noises seem to come from within a few of them. To the east, the crypt opens into a higher, wider area from which a starry glow emanates. Just as they pass the middle sarcophagus, a loud concussive bang sounds throughout the crypt as each sarcophagus lid slams open. Clattering, clicking bones grope outward from each open tomb. Waves of decrepit skeletons pour out and surround the party. A couple of the skeletons appear to be in chainmail and wield longswords rather than the shortbows that the others hold. Despite being outnumbered, the group beats back the skeletons and surges ahead into the wider chamber. Silvery-white light from above suffuses this wide section of the crypt. A dome above the area depicts a fantastic, regal dragon with silver scales in flight across an endless sky. An altar stands on either side of the area, inscribed with elaborate script. Relief images of soldiers in plate armor on their knees in prayer appear on the walls behind the altar. The group takes some time to inspect the area and determines that the dragon must be Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon and that these altars are for his worship. Having been able to get the gist of the inscription on the altar, Anton kneels to the ground and offers praise the Platinum Dragon. Immediately the entire western corridor is bathed in light and the remains of the skeletons crackle and burst, turning to dust on the rough floor. The sarcophagi that had been unleashing skeletons now seem to be sealed shut.

After finishing exploring the cavern, Lainu and the others come across an ancient door on they west side of the cavern with the words “Do not enter!” scratched on the door. The party slowly opens the door and peeks inside to find a large deep pool of water with a small island at the center with a pile of treasure on it. Lainu quickly levitates across the surface, grabs the treasure, and levitates back across. Just as the party was about to leave, a massive explosion of acid bursts from the water. A massive blue ooze comes up and splits the party in two, with Lainu and Rolen outside the door already and Brandis and Torrin stuck in the corner. Instead of trying to fight this massive monster, the party quickly retreats out of the room with the ooze right behind them. They are able to slam the door shut right as the ooze is about to get to them.

Anton and the others in the crypt gently wave their torches in front of themselves and see that there lies a door farther to the east. They open it and step in warily. Upon entering the group sees a raised dais holding a single coffin atop it. Carved on the lid is a warrior in plate armor with a sword laid across his chest, the point toward his feet. After stirring a bit around the room, inevitably someone attempts to slide open the lid of the coffin and it suddenly explodes in a flurry of dust. A humanoid skeleton girded in plate armor rises from the cloud. It holds aloft a longsword. “The rift must never be re-opened!” it croaks. “State your business or prepare to die!” With that as his introduction, the group comes to learn that this skeleton was once Sir Keegan, the man tasked with guarding the Keep and ensuring it remained sealed. Apparently the taint of the place corrupted him and he was led to commit terrible acts against his family and the men under his command. As a result he fled and locked himself in this crypt forever haunted by his misdeeds. As the group speaks with him, he comes to trust that the group is worthy of being spared almost certain death at his hands, and instead agrees to aid them if they would seek to protect the world from the evil that is attempting to rise from the rift below. He presents his sword Aecris to Dvaark who seems in awe of its craftsmanship.

Shortly after they then head back to the entrance to meet up with the rest of the party and begin to recount their amazing encounters with one another. Knowing that they’d rather not attempt to rest in this keep, for who knows what still lurks about, they decide to leave and return to Winterhaven and return later to investigate the Keep further.



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