The Nentir Chronicles

Session 5

Experience Award: 474 XP ( everyone should be 3rd level now)
Treasure Found:
Party Total

Per Character distribution (I rounded up) ;-)
+1 Vicious Short Sword: This short sword (value 520 gp) provides its user with a +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls. In addition, it deals an extra 1d12 damage on a critical hit (instead of the normal 1d6 damage for a +1 weapon). [Assigned to Rhya]

Within the chamber that you met up with the Gelatinous Cube you found a treasure chest containing various belongings of Sir Keegan’s children. The chest was of nominal value and was not locked, but it did bear the image of Bahamut. Amid the stale, moldering clothes of a young boy and young girl is a small gold medallion (worth 250 gp) with the name “Drystan Keegan” etched into it and a thin platinum bracelet (worth 200 gp) with the name “Ceinwein Keegan” etched into it. Also among the items is a wooden toy sword, a child’s doll, a hairbrush with a mother-ofpearl handle (5 gp), and a safewing amulet +1.

+1 Safewing Amulet: This amulet (value 680 gp) grants a +1 enhancement bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will defense. The amulet’s wearer lands on his feet after a fall and treats the distance fallen as 10 feet shorter for purposes of calculating damage. [Assigned to Anton]



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