Thair Coalstriker


Thair Coalstriker is a middle-aged, gruff speaking dwarf that runs the village smithy. He takes a lot of pride in his work and isn’t shy about telling prospective customers about the quality of his wares. Thair also appears to revere Moradin as an anvil is emblazoned on the protective apron he wears while working.


Q: We were attacked by little red and brown humanoids on the way to the village. Do you know you have a bandit problem on your hands?
So, you had a run in with the kobold brigands? Yeah, kobolds. Annoying little dragon droppings! We’ve always had a few in the area, but they’ve really been growing more bold in recent months. Some of the traders who visited us on a regular basis have stopped making the trip, and I’m afraid more will follow if something isn’t done to drive off the foul creatures.

Thair Coalstriker

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