Torrin Redwing

Dragonborn Fighter


Torrin knows nothing of his heritage. He was hatched from an egg stolen by a tribe of gnolls, and raised a slave. When he was old enough, strong enough, he was forced to fight for his life in gnoll camps and border settlements, chained by his neck but free to wield weapons and claws in vicious fighting pits.

It was just a few years ago that Torrin broke free from enslavement. His naive gnoll captors disregarded his growing strength and chained him to a wagon with a rusty link of metal. Torrin burned the metal to slag with his fire breath and lit the wagon and entire camp ablaze, then ran for his life.

The gnolls named him Redwing, a name he keeps to remember his past, as dishonorable as it was. But Torrin searches for links to his true heritage and family, and has forever sworn an oath against those who practice slavery in the Forgotten Realms.

Torrin Redwing

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