Victor “Vicks” Magnolia

Half-elf Bard


Vicks was the son of a traveling salesman who peddled his wares all over the land, selling everything from (Supposedly) magical trinkets to snake oil and miracle cures. During his travels, he was fascinated by the tales of great adventurers and epic poems his father gave to him.
During long caravan trips Vicks would practice his fiddle, playing music to pass the day.

Vicks’s life would have remained this way had he not come across a tome that his father had received from a wizard during their travels. It was in this book that Vicks learned of the arcane, influencing words and sound with the power of magic. It wasn’t long until Vicks was using his newfound abilities to influence crowds of people, enthralling them into throwing money at his father’s caravan while he performed.

This went on until their wagon was destroyed by townsfolk angry at Vicks and his father for being swindled out of their hard earned money. While the both of them survived, Vicks’s father realized that his son was of age to venture out into the world on his own. They said their goodbyes, salvaged what was left of their wagon and departed, hopefully to meet again on the endless roads.

And so Vicks set out to make his own adventure, to see the world, to meet strange creatures and discover ancient secrets so that maybe one day someone would chronicle his adventures.

Victor “Vicks” Magnolia

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