The Nentir Chronicles

Session 5

Experience Award: 474 XP ( everyone should be 3rd level now)
Treasure Found:
Party Total

Per Character distribution (I rounded up) ;-)
+1 Vicious Short Sword: This short sword (value 520 gp) provides its user with a +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls. In addition, it deals an extra 1d12 damage on a critical hit (instead of the normal 1d6 damage for a +1 weapon). [Assigned to Rhya]

Within the chamber that you met up with the Gelatinous Cube you found a treasure chest containing various belongings of Sir Keegan’s children. The chest was of nominal value and was not locked, but it did bear the image of Bahamut. Amid the stale, moldering clothes of a young boy and young girl is a small gold medallion (worth 250 gp) with the name “Drystan Keegan” etched into it and a thin platinum bracelet (worth 200 gp) with the name “Ceinwein Keegan” etched into it. Also among the items is a wooden toy sword, a child’s doll, a hairbrush with a mother-ofpearl handle (5 gp), and a safewing amulet +1.

+1 Safewing Amulet: This amulet (value 680 gp) grants a +1 enhancement bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will defense. The amulet’s wearer lands on his feet after a fall and treats the distance fallen as 10 feet shorter for purposes of calculating damage. [Assigned to Anton]

Session 4

As the party journeys back to Winterhaven, you find that the gates are closed. Several figures stand with weapons drawn on the parapet above. One of the figures, Lord Padraig, waves as you approach. He calls out, “We are in peril! Several villagers have disappeared, and the dead in the cemetery have risen from their graves. We fear these creatures will emerge to assail the gates and drag us all away!” Lord Padraig continues as the party begins to look warily in the direction of the nearby cemetery. “Would you mind at’all if we ask you to take care of that little problem for us? I’m sure you’d be quite capable of resolving it in no time – and I’ll have Silvana cook you up something special for your trouble. You’ve become quite capable in such things and we citizens of Winterhaven are very thankful for your services!”

The party looks at one another and begins to grumble to themselves, feeling a bit taken for granted. All they wanted was to return back to the comfort of the Inn and get a hot meal and now that has been delayed once again by another urgent plea by the locals. No rest for the heroic, that’s for sure. Finally, the party speaks up and reluctantly agrees to help. All with the exception of Dvaark that is, as he requested to return back to the Inn to retire not feeling well since leaving the Keep. Lord Padraig, signals to the guards to open the gates just enough to let him pass through and then the guards quickly shut them again.

Session 3

After defeating the goblin guards at the entrance to the Keep (with Anton safely avoiding being eaten by rats despite falling into a concealed pit) the party decides to split up to try and clear out its inhabitants faster. The party has the bright idea to throw the limp goblin bodies into the pit but are slightly sickened by the sound of ravaging rats consuming all evidence of their recent intrusion. Torrin Redwing leads the way to the east with Lainu, Brandis, and Rolen close behind. While Dvaark, Anton, Garek, Rhya, and Vicks continue south.

Torrin’s party heads down a narrow hallway, they stop when they hear voices from a well lit room ahead. Taking a minute to perform a ritual, Lainu is able to understand the voice which belongs to a couple of goblins that are bickering over not finding any treasure. She then takes a peek around the corner to see a massive room with raised platforms that came up out of what look like a dig site and are connected by what look like wobbly wooden planks. Seeing the goblins in the far corner of the room digging, Lainu creates a sound of a shovel striking treasure which immediately causes the goblins to rush to it and start bickering with each other. Rolen takes advantage of this distraction and releases a quick volley of arrows at the goblins. A quick combat ensues with vials of alchemist’s fire being thrown at the party engulfing them in flames. But the party prevails, capturing one of the goblins and put him on a leash to help guide them through the keep.

Session 2

Salvana stands at the edge of the table and begins handing out bills for your stay at the Wrafton Inn. Immediately Anton gives her a quizzical look saying,“I’m sorry, but I thought our room and board were covered by Lord Padraig.”

Shrugging her shoulders Salvana replies, “I’m sorry, I’m wasn’t aware of such an arrangement, but you can certainly take that up with him the next time you see him.” And without anything further she returns to the bar, picking up empty plates and tankards along the way. Bill

After settling the bill, several from the party decide to turn in for the night, knowing that they’d be setting out early for their next adventure. The rest stick around presumably to partake in some diversions. The sounds of dice rolling on a wooden table and the shouts of laughter and frustration can be heard throughout the common room.

A man approaches Dvaark, Anton and Vicks at their table, and having overheard the commotion over the bill says, “So you’re a little light on coin, eh? Why don’t you join us for a friendly game of Twenty-Bone…” and trailing off he turns back and sits at a nearby table. Seated in one of the chairs is a large dragonborn… a mercenary by the looks of it.

The trio agree to join the game. They learn that it is a beat-the-bank game played with 20-sided “bones”. It originated in gaming dens in the back alleys of the Nerathian empire centuries ago.

Session 1

As the day begins, you find yourself traveling down the old King’s Road. Your journey of several days has taken you north and west through a dangerous wilderness toward the small town of Winterhaven. You seek news of a man named, Douven Staul. You met the missing man’s wife at the Blue Moon Alehouse, the finest tavern in the town of Fallcrest. After hearing her plea for assistance and her offer of a handsome reward for his safe return, you decided to join the band of adventurers she was recruiting to find him. Missing poster

You learned that Douven bade his wife farewell three months ago and headed for Winterhaven. Douven, a rabid explorer of old ruins, had found a map that revealed the location of a dragon’s tomb not far from the village. He figured if a dragon was buried there, why not also its hoard?

The explorer should have returned home some time ago, and his continuing absence bodes ill. You fear the worst and are determined to find out what happened to him.

Clearing a rise in the road, you can faintly see the outline of Winterhaven’s high stone walls. The sun is beginning to fall in the sky and spending another guarded night in the open is something you’d like to avoid. The wind is cool and comfortable. The road beneath your feet is level. An occasional ancient cobblestone peeks through the dirt road, indicating decades of neglect. You notice footprints leading up and down the road, many of which were made by small, clawed feet.


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