Half-Orc Ranger


Dvaark was a half orc. Like most half breeds before him he was the product of battlefield bloodlust. Unlike many, however, he was well cared for as a child- taught language, custom, history, and military combat. His Uncle, Falzad Benthir, a soldier of legendary prowess, and the de facto leader of his small enclave, would have it no other way.

When Dvaark’s village came under the inevitable yoke of the barbarian hordes Dvaark was fated to the many arenas of the borderlands. As his less valorous village comrades fell in gladiatorial combat, Dvaark rose in rank and prowess, but subject to one, fatal “misunderstanding,” he was rendered an outcast and destitute; forced to compromise the teachings of his Uncle as a matter of survival. He swore nightly oaths, promising to one day deliver to Kord vengeance for his peers, finding and liberating his mentor Falzad, and ultimately striking down those who destroyed his place in the world.


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